Added Value

The 2013 EUCEN Autumn Seminar has been organised for the day after the final events of two EUCEN projects:

DIALOGUE - Bridging the gap between Research and Practice
OBSERVAL-Net: European Observatory for the Validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL)

If you are thinking of attending the EUCEN Autumn Seminar, we recommend you travel one day earlier to attend one of the two project final events as well. Registration fee is not charged for the project final events. The projects final events are co-funded by the European Comission. You only need to select the project of your choice in the Registration Form of the Autumn Seminar.

By doing so you can also benefit from joining the Network Cocktail on Tuesday late afternoon. This will be an exchange environment with an open floor for informal interaction, a table to leave your dissemination materials and a "Sharing Panel", where you can display your announcements (e.g. search for partners, offers/requests, etc). Announcements will be collected and used on Wednesday during the "Learning cafe" at the 2013 EUCEN Autumn Seminar.

The programme for those attending a Final Project Event and the EUCEN Autumn Seminar will look like this:

15 OCTOBER 2013

16 OCTOBER 2013


Events open at 08:45 until 17:30

2013 EUCEN Autumn Seminar

Seminar opens at 08:45 until
(including lunch)

Joined Network Cocktail

(between 17:30 and 19:00)


Optional dinner ONLY for
registered participants to the

2013 EUCEN Autumn Seminar





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